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This is my first photoshoot and I’m kind of nervous.

Completely understandable, this is a very natural reaction. There’s no need to worry, no one is expecting you to be a professional model! Think about this as a hang-around between a couple of friends that decided to go on an adventure. I’ll make sure that this process is as enjoyable and seamless as possible!

What should I wear?

There’s only one thing you need to keep in mind - the location. If we’re going into the woods or hiking to take photos, make sure you’re wearing something comfortable and practical. Or at least come wearing hiking clothes and bring your session outfit in a backpack. If we’re taking photos in the city - it’s completely up to you!

How many pictures will I receive?

That depends on the type of session that you will book, but typically it’s between 100 and 350 photos. When we’re done with the photo shoot, we’ll go through selecting the ones you like best, and then I’ll begin editing them. The process of selecting the best ones and retouching them usually takes about a week or two. You can add additional photos for a small price. Afterward, you will receive a dedicated online gallery with all your photos.

Are you available outside of Montana?

I wouldn’t say I am readily available out of state, but depending on what you have in mind it can be arranged. You can fill out the contact form and we can discuss it to see if we can find common ground.

Do you do couples photography?

I do, but I have limited experience. You can see the examples in my portfolio and the feedback on my testimonials page. As it stands, I don’t have a dedicated package for couples. But if you’re still interested, I’m flexible and we can discuss it.

Can you recommend any camping sites and hiking trails?

There are tens of locations around the US that I can point you to, but even more in the state of Montana! Take a look at my blog, you’ll find several posts dedicated to different sites - and pictures that relay their beauty.